Undergraduate Program

Major Requirements

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers an undergraduate program leading to an accredited BS degree in mechanical engineering (ME). (Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.).

This page is only meant to be a guide. Students should meet with their advisor for updated department information and for help with academic planning.


For graduation, a minimum of 129 credit hours of satisfactory academic work is required. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required, both in mechanical engineering courses and overall. Students are required to take:

Typical four year program:

Fall Semesters

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
MTH 161 MTH 165 ME 225 ME 204
CHM 131/137/151 PHY 122 ME 280 ME 242
WRT 105 ME 110 (2) Nat. Sci. Elec. ME 213
Tech. Elec. ME 121 Dist. Req. Dist. Req.
ME 160 (2)
16 credits 16 credits 16 credits 16 credits

Spring Semesters

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
MTH 162 MTH 164 ME 223 ME 205
PHY 121 ME 123 ME 241 ME 251
Dist. Req. ME 226 Circuits Free Elec.
ME 120 ME 260 (2) Dist. Req. Free Elec.
WRT 273 (2)
16 credits 16 credits 16 credits 16 credits

Foundational Courses


*MTH 141, 142, and 143 are equivalent to MTH 161 and 162


Choose one:


Choose one sequence:

Circuits Course

Mechanical Engineering Core Courses

ME 110: Introduction to CAD and Drawing (2 credits)
ME 120: Engineering Mechanics I
ME 121: Engineering Mechanics II
ME 123: Thermodynamics
ME 160: Engineering Computation I (2 credits)
ME 204: Mechanical Design
ME 205: Advanced Mechanical Design
ME 213: Mechanical Systems
ME 223: Heat Transfer
ME 225: Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
ME 226: Introduction to Solid Mechanics
ME 241: Fluids Lab
ME 242: Solids and Materials Lab
ME 251: Heat Power Application
ME 260: Engineering Computation II (2 credits)
ME 280: Introduction to Materials Science

Typical Technical Electives

Students normally take EAS 10X. Alternately one of the following courses may be taken during any year.

Note: In general AP credit may not be used to satisfy this requirement. However please see the text below for additional information. 

Typical Natural Science Distribution Requirement (NSDR)

All ME majors must complete one additional four-credit natural science course.

Typical natural science distribution courses:

Note: In general AP credit may not be used to satisfy this requirement. However if a student is granted credit for a course on the NSDR list, that course can then be used to fulfill this requirement. Please speak to your academic advisor before attempting to fulfill this requirement with AP credit.

Distribution Requirements

All ME majors must complete a total of four courses* in humanities and/or social sciences. Three of these courses must constitute an approved cluster in humanities or social sciences and must be passed with a 2.0 average or better. See the Cluster Search Engine to review courses and descriptions.

The fourth course can be chosen from any humanities or social science field. Software and computer courses cannot be used to satisfy the additional course requirement.

*A second major or minor in a humanities or social science area will also satisfy the cluster and additional course requirement.


Students are required to take WRT 105 or its equivalent during their freshman year.

Free Electives

There are two free electives in the program, which can be any four credit courses. It is also possible to combine two 2-credit courses for a single free elective.