Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas

NanospheresThe Department of Mechanical Engineering includes approximately 20 faculty members, 45 full-time graduate students, and 215 undergraduate students. Research is conducted in five overlapping areas:

Mechanical Engineering faculty members have strong research ties with the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, the Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound, and with various departments within the School of Medicine and Dentistry. In addition, our small size fosters strong inter-departmental collaborations. Many of our faculty members participate in the Materials Science Program and/or have joint appointments in other engineering and science departments, such as Biomedical Engineering, the Institute of Optics, and Physics & Astronomy.

Specific research topics include precision grinding and polishing, optical surface metrology, nonlinear finite element analysis, mechanics of the cochlea, mechanics of the heart, mechanics of ancient structures, bubble dynamics, blood cell deformation, material fracture and fatigue, plasticity of amorphous materials, solar magnetohydrodynamics, laser fusion, high energy density physics. Undergraduate as well as graduate students are encouraged to participate in research. Use the links above to find descriptions of the research areas and associated faculty members.