Mixing & transport in energy & ecology at the University of Rochester
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Douglas H. Kelley Jesse Cramer Rachel Bierasinski Tianyi Liu Adalberto Perez Kelsey Sahinen-Pedroso Tom Ryan Smith
OPENING: PhD research opportunity in liquid metal batteries.
UPCOMING:See Rachel defend her MS thesis, "Calibration of a plenoptic camera for use in three-dimensional particle tracking", 12 December at 10:00 in Hopeman 224. And find Doug at the American Geophysical Union meeting in December.

Despite the ubiquity of fluid mixing—think cream in coffee, plankton in Earth's oceans, storm systems in our atmosphere—mixing is devilishly difficult to predict, control, or understand. We study the space- and time-dynamics of flows and the materials being mixed in them. In one project, we study the role of mixing in performance of liquid metal batteries. Liquid metal batteries may soon provide large-scale energy storage on electrical grids. Another project considers oceanic mixing of marine phytoplankton blooms. Phytoplankton naturally provide more carbon sequestration than any other reservoir on the planet, so climate models depend on accurate growth predictions. Read more or contact us.