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Our mission is research and graduate training which explore the fundamentals of materials' behavior.  We focus on understanding these fundamentals both from a materials science and a mechanical engineering perspective. Students in Professor Quesnel's Research Group, most often specializing in Materials Science or in the materials related aspects of Mechanical Engineering, work on problems relating to stress corrosion cracking of metals, electrochemical phenomena and computer simulation of molecular interfaces in order to gain new insight into these process.  The research is exciting, and timely, providing an excellent background for employment in materials science and mechanical engineering, either as a faculty member or as an industrial scientist.  Alumni of the Quesnel Group hold a wide variety of these positions.


8/27/2013: Congratulations Rohit! Rohit successfully defended his thesis; Ultrasonic Characterization of Crack Propagation. Descripition: An automated, in-situ, ultrasound based quantitative nondestructive evaluation technique for measuring crack propagation in solids. It is capable of measuring crack propagation within a peak accuracy of 8 microns.
Summer 2013: Mike attended the Computational Chemistry and Materials Science Institute (CCMS) at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. While there, he worked with Dr. Vince Lordi to use first principles Density Functional Theory methods to model extended crystal defects in CdTe crystals. They were searching for evidence of "gap states" which can trap mobile charge carriers and lower the efficiency of CdTe based photovoltaic devices. He learned a lot during the experience and would recommend it to other students interested in computational materials science.
Summer 2013: Maria spent the 2013 summer working at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown, West Virginia under the Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program of the Department of Energy, Fossil Energy Office.  More information here.
10/15/12: Rohit presented a talk on 'Ultrasonic Characterization of Environmentally Assisted Cracking' presented at MS&T 2012 (jointly organized by ACerS, AIST, TMS and NACE) held in Pittsburgh, PA.
06/01/2011: An abstract titled "The Effect of SiC Particles on the Microstructure and Corrosion Property of Friction Stir Welded Al 5083 Alloy" by collaborating professor Seung-Boo Jung and his research group has been accepted to the Marine Corrosion symposium at the NACE 2012 Conference. Congratulations!
05/26/2011: An abstract based on Yingrui's work on simulation has been accepted for the NACE Corrosion 2012 Conference & Expo . Read the abstract here.
05/09/2011: Professor Quesnel will be representing QGroup at the ECI International Symposium on the Environmental Damage in Structural Materials Under Static/Cyclic Loads at Ambient Temperatures in Krakow, Poland in August. Two papers from the group, Effects of NaCl, pH and Potential on the Static Creep Behavior of AA1100 and Effects of Heat Treatment, Solution Concentration, pH, and Stress Intensity on Stress Corrosion Cracking of AA5083, have been reviewed and accepted for presentation.
05/04/2011: An abstract written by Grad Student Theresa Wan and Professor Quesnel has been accepted for presentation at the Materials Science & Technology 2011 Conference & Exhibition. The abstract can be viewed here.
03/09/2011: Grad Student Jie Gao has earned his Ph.D. Congratulations Jie, and good luck in your new job!
01/20/2011: The lighter side of Stress Corrosion Cracking: On Stress Corrosion


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