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Victor Genberg

Victor L. Genberg

  • Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

PhD, Case Western Reserve University, 1973

409 Hopeman Hall
(585) 235-7460
Fax: (585) 235-6931


I am a part-time faculty member in the mechanical engineering department, teaching one course a semester. I also participate on PhD thesis committees and seminars. My areas of interest are:

  1. Finite element analysis and applications
  2. Optimum structural design using nonlinear programming
  3. Structural analysis of precision optical structures
  4. Integrated opto-mechanical analysis and design

My full-time occupation is president of Sigmadyne, Inc., a small consulting firm specializing in finite element analysis of precision structures. I have over 35 years of experience in the analysis and design of optical structures of orbiting telescopes.

Research Overview

Representative Publications

  1. Genberg, Doyle, Michels, "Optical Performance as a Function of Dynamic Mechanical Loading", SPIE Paper 5178-4, 2003.
  2. Doyle, Genberg, Michels, "Integrated Optomechanical Analysis", TT58, SPIE Press, October 2002.
  3. Genberg, Michels, Doyle, "Making Mechanical FEA Results Useful in Optical Design", SPIE Paper 4769-4, July 2002.
  4. Genberg, Michels, "Opto-Mechanical Analysis of Segmented/Adaptive Optics", SPIE Paper 4444-10, August 2001.
  5. Genberg, V. "Optical Performance Criteria in Optimum Structural", SPIE, Paper 3786-29, July 1999.
  6. Chapter 8: "Structural Analysis of Optics", Handbook of Optics, CRC Press, November 1996.
  7. Chapter 9: "Thermal & Thermoelastic Analysis of Optics", Handbook of Optics, CRC Press, November 1996.